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Our History and Mission

With the owner of Maritime Heat Pump Cleaning coming from a large Electrical, Refrigeration and Plumbing family business, we have been installing, servicing and cleaning heat pumps for the past 20 years and have been perfecting it ever since!

Having breathing issues, we know how important air quality is. That is why we take the upmost care to make sure mold and dirt are removed from your unit.

We use  refrigeration grade cleaners, detergents and sanitizers that are specifically designed to be safe for your units,  inside and out.

These are not accessible to most.  They are tried and tested to ensure the best possible clean but also with you in mind being Eco- Friendly.

We want to teach YOU to be the judge of when to get your heat pump cleaned, not the other way around. If we determine your unit doesn't need to be cleaned we will leave free of charge. 

We Guarantee you the best possible experience, or we will make it right.  

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