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Heat Pump Cleaning Nova Scotia

Our promise is simple, we strive to​ get you the absolute best experience a business can offer and are always improving.

Nowadays business' take their customers for granted, we're trying to change that.

Our Technicians

In order to give you the best experience we can, it starts with our technicians. 

Particularly; Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers to be exact that are still actively involved in both trades.

Their Attention to detail, workmanship and patience comes naturally.

Our Determination

We will spend as much time as required to get the job done right, the first time.

We don't like to rush, so we book time slots with plenty of time for our work and your questions

Our Promise

The quote you receive is for the deep cleaning of the entire inside, outside unit and drain line.

Our Process

We take apart as much of the unit as required to deep clean, sanitize and flush the inside unit and drain line. The outside is cleaned and washed to remove debris and obstructions.

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